Use Your Work Experience To Increase CRS Points

Your work experience can be the key to boost your CRS score, either by getting more of the experience you already have or by getting a job offer from a Canadian employer.

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Getting a job offer from a firm based in Canada is a lucrative opportunity that will certainly prove instrumental in ensuring a meaningful and comfortable relocation to the country. More importantly, it will help you increase your CRS score by a significant number of points.

If you have been offered a job in Canada, or you are looking to apply for permanent residency, gaining a lucrative job offer in Canada can improve your chances of selection and acceptance. Keeping reading to find out more about the job offer and the Express Entry program.

Getting A Canadian Job Offer

While getting a job offer from a Canada-based organization can improve your Express Entry points substantially, the job must meet a certain criterion for you to be able to claim the CRS points it has the potential to add to your profile.

This criterion includes the following:

Getting a reliable employment opportunity in Canada that offers you financial security and job security will help make the transition significantly easier and fruitful for any applicant. The best part is there will be an additional 200 points to your Federal Skilled Worker points calculator!

Applicants are advised to actively seek out job opportunities in Canada. You can explore a temporary visa or a travel visa to conduct face-to-face interviews with employers, or attend job fairs if you’re already residing in the country.

Applicants from outside Canada can explore other avenues, such as Job Bank Canada, run by the Canadian Government to improve their Federal Skilled Worker points in the CRS calculator. There are numerous other online job-hunting platforms that will prove useful in this endeavor, for instance, Indeed and Workopolis. You can also engage the help of an RCIC to find a lucrative job opportunity and benefit from the job offer Express Entry factor.

Gain More Work Experience

If you are applying from your home country, it is ideal to focus on gaining more work experience to enjoy higher Express Entry points when you start working on building your online profile. It is ideal to aim for adding another year or two to your work experience so your CRS points enjoy the added advantage of at least five years of work experience.

This addition will also help you boost your CRS points with additional skills transferability points. If you’re already employed in Canada on a temporary work visa, it is still ideal to continuing expanding your work experience before applying for permanent residency. Aiming for at least five years or more offers a secure strategy to improve CRS score and your chances of being selected and issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA). If you’re currently employed in Canada, be sure to mention this detail to increase your points as your work experience continues to grow.  It is ideal to list down all your additional work experience and expertise to increase your chances for the much sought-after Provincial Nomination (PN).