Language Proficiency: Another Way To Increase CRS Points

Language proficiency is a factor that offers immense potential to increase CRS score by boosting your language skills in not one but two languages.

English Letters

It sounds challenging to learn a whole new language but it is doable particularly if you are focused on adding additional Express Entry points most quickly and simply.

The Express Entry program requires its applicants to establish their language proficiency with a test establishing their skills. Express Entry IELTS is a common language proficiency metric, but candidates are strongly advised to take up the French language and consider undergoing a test to establish proficiency to increase CRS score.

The Express Entry program accepts the following language proficiency tests:

Improve Your Language Test Scores

Improving your language skills offer a viable and easy opportunity to add more Express Entry Points. It is ideal to aim for an IELTS Canada score of level 9, while the same benchmark applies to the TEF Canada score.

Reaching the Canadian Benchmark Level 9 or more will help you add another 100 points to your Express Entry language score. Undertaking French as a second language will prove highly beneficial at expanding your career advancement opportunities in Canada and bringing you close to your permanent residency dream.

It is ideal to work on improving both languages as better English and French proficiency will naturally lead to a higher Express Entry language score. It is important that you don’t take Express Entry IELTS and TEF nonchalantly, regardless of how proficient you are. These tests come with certain technical requirements and time management which require rigorous practice and learning.

Learning French alongside improving your English proficiency will help you enjoy various benefits reserved for bilingual students. You see, PNP programs come with various benefits and bonus Express Entry points that are reserved only for French speakers. If you are competently proficient in both English and French, you are ideally positioned to increase CRS score and benefit from PNP streams.

The process may seem overwhelming at first, but learning a new language is fun. Keep in mind that the language factor offers the easiest and quickest solution to increase CRS score without trying too hard. If you’re lagging behind in the other factors, this is an arena where you can catch up and build a good CRS score.