Improve Your CRS Score With Your Family

Having siblings in Canada, a spouse or a common-law partner can help you attain additional points to your overall Express Entry points and increase your chances of permanent residency.

In 2017, the provision of assigning additional Express Entry points to candidates with siblings in Canada was introduced to assist family members in enjoying a permanent residency in the country.

This article will walk you through tips on how you can increase your CRS score and win extra Express Entry points with siblings and relatives in Canada.

Here is everything you need to know:

Siblings In Canada

Do you have any siblings living or working in Canada? Family sponsorship is a major trend in Canadian immigration. Many immigration programs in Canada give a substantial advantage to applicants who have siblings living in Canada. These siblings can be through blood, marriage, and adoption.

However, your brother or sister must be at least 18 years old of age, and either a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. Having a sibling with a permanent residency or citizenship can help you add 15 points to your overall Express entry points.

If you have a sibling that meets the requirement, the immigration process will certainly become easier.

Extra Points For Your Spouse

Having a spouse or a common-law partner can you increase your CRS score and increase the probability of getting a permanent residency. Spousal sponsorship in Canada is increasingly common and increasing the odds in the applicant’s favor.

Your spouse can increase CRS score by adding 100 points to your Express Entry points, and even more in certain cases. For instance, you will be awarded additional points for retaking a language proficiency test and getting an educational credential assessment (ECA) for their post-secondary education.

If your spouse is living or working in Canada, they can apply for a permanent residency program through spouse sponsorship in Canada so you can join them and live together. If you and your spouse are both strong candidates with higher language proficiency, work experience, and an extensively rich academic background, it can double your chances of winning immigration with additional Express Entry points.

Extra Points In Adaptability

As an applicant, submitting under your spouse’s name can help you score extra points in adaptability. It is crucial to note that there are various federal skilled worker programs under the umbrella of the Express Entry system.

These include:

The greater your Express Entry points, the higher your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Therefore, if you have siblings with citizenship or permanent residency, it will give your application a superior advantage by adding 15 additional points to increase your CRS score.

It is vital to conduct your research on the right programs from the above-mentioned programs and Provincial Nominee (PNP) programs to enjoy this advantage. Applying under the spouse sponsorship program is also highly lucrative.