How To Improve Your CRS Score?

So you tried to calculate your CRS Score and found out that you are not eligible for Express Entry programs? well, hereby we have listed a few simple steps you can take to increase your points and boost your chances for eligibility.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a model adopted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to examine the ranks of candidates in the Express Entry draw pool. If you are focused on how to increase CRS score, it is crucial to understand the eligibility criteria and the factors that influence the assessment of your Express Entry profile.

Your CRS score is influenced by the following factors:

Candidates are awarded points in all the above-mentioned categories, amongst others, and the total sum creates the CRS score.

Improve Your CRS Score

It is important to note that the Express Entry draws are highly competitive. If you learn that you do not want to find out that your CRS score is less than the average once you have submitted your online profile. It is ideal to use a CRS calculator to get an estimate and improve your CRS score so you can claim all the additional points you can.

Applicants are strongly advised to indicate their interest in a province of their choice while creating their online profiles.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to increase CRS points and boost your chances of being issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) through the Express Entry System.

Education Factors

Education points are a great way to improve CRS score, and applicants are strongly advised to take up another qualification. Understandably, finishing an academic degree will take time, which is why it is ideal to start planning your Express Entry application years before you apply. For instance, if you are still studying, taking up a double major or an additional qualification while working will prove instrumental to increase CRS points.

Higher academic qualifications offer additional human capital points, and you can also enjoy higher skills transferability scores. The advantages are immensely vast, giving your CRS score a remarkable boost!

Improve Your Language Score

Looking for easy and quick ways to improve CRS scores? It simply does not get easier than improving your language proficiency score as this is the quickest and simplest way to give your overall score a massive boost.

You can either learn a new language or retake your first language test to improve your scores. It is ideal to focus on achieving a CLB 9, which is the highest Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level. If your score is less than that, you can forget about claiming those additional points to improve CRS points. Applicants are strongly advised to undertake extensive IELTS Preparation to score a higher proficiency level.

If you have scored well in English and speak it fluently, it is ideal to learn French. It is a fascinating language and will open numerous lucrative career opportunities for you as well. More importantly, learning French will improve CRS scores by adding 22 points. Second language skills will garner applicants with a spouse or common law partner 22 points, while those without spouse/partner will gain 24 additional CRS points.

If you manage to score a CLB7 or higher proficiency level, you can earn more points. A post-secondary degree in a second language will add more points under the skill transferability factor.

Boost Your Work Experience

Are you applying for a Canadian visa from your home country? It is ideal to focus on increasing your work experience beyond three years. Adding another two to three years of work experience will help you gain additional points for skills transferability. If you are already employed in Canada with a temporary work permit, it is ideal to expand your work experience by adding another year or two.

Greater work experience in Canada will help you claim more CRS points. Candidates are strongly advised to begin their application after accumulating at least five or more years before creating their Express Entry profile. While creating your profile, be sure to mention that you are currently working in Canada as this will also help you add additional CRS points. 

It is crucial to note that there are certain limits as to the number of CRS points applicants can earn. However, adding additional work experience and skills will only help you boost your profile and increase your chances of being selected for a prestigious Provincial Nomination in a province with higher marketability and demand for your skillset.


Job Offer In Canada

Getting a job offer in Canada will certainly help you boost your Express Entry profile and gain more CRS points. However, this strategy will only improve CRS scores if it is compliant with the set criteria.

The conditions are as follows:

Getting a job offer will not only ensure a smooth transition to a new life in Canada, but it will also help you improve CRS score by a whopping 200 CRS points!

Provincial Nominee Program

Why is the Provincial Nomination (PN) program regarded with such prestige and a sought-after appeal? It comes with the promise of an additional 600 CRS points, and as the maximum CRS score is 1200, gaining a provincial nominee status will allow you to reduce your effort on the remaining factors.

Given the CRS cut off scores observed in 2020, which rank between 431 to 808, you will only need an additional 200 CRS points even if the highest score is 800. On average, the CRS cut off scores draws have been around 550 CRS points, so entering the Provincial nominee program is all you need to gain an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Applying With Your Spouse/Partner

Your family can be the key to increase your CRS points. One of the best ways to improve CRS score is by applying with your spouse or partner. Submitting your applications together you can bring about substantial additions to up your CRS points. For instance, you can gain 20 points for language proficiency, 10 points for skills transferability and around 10 points each for academic qualifications, which amounts to a total of 40 points.